West Road Spirits

West Road Spirits is an Austin based importer of authentic premium spirits. We are the official importer of Award-Winning Proeza, Paco Jones and SEXTO Tequilas. As such, we’re committed to constantly growing our portfolio by experimenting and developing compelling brands with exquisite flavors and unique expressions. 

Sexto Tequila

Young and bright for a perfect night! Sexto tequila is distilled and bottled in Mexico, from the finest blue agaves grown on the estate where it is created. One whiff takes you to a wondrous blend of aromas that characterize the mysteries of true agave.

Tequila Sexto brings forth the magic and romance of the night, when our days are done and we find the time to enjoy our thoughts and the people that we love.

Sexto Tequila is distilled and bottled exclusively in Mexico, in the land of the blue agave, a land of happiness and good times. Every drop of Sexto Tequila brings Mexico to you and to those that you love. So tonight, break out happiness and joy with Sexto Tequila. Learn More about SEXTO Tequila.

Image of arm holding up a bottle of Sexto Tequila

Proeza Tequila

Proeza Tequila is made with 100% of the finest Blue Agave, grown on the actual estate where Proeza Tequila is distilled and bottled. Each individual Blue Agave plant is cultivated and tended for years until its ideal harvest, under the watchful eyes of masters in the art of tequila.

Some Proeza Tequila, young and vibrant, can be enjoyed as Proeza Blanco. Some is set aside for gentle aging in oak, resulting in Proeza Reposado, and, after full aging, Proeza Añejo.

Proeza Tequila is proud of its artisanal heritage, and of the soil that saw its birth. And with each drop of Proeza Tequila, you too can come to know and savor the true mystical and miraculous nature of tequila, Mexico’s legendary drink. Learn More about PROEZA Tequila.

Image of our three types of Proeza Tequila on a table.

Paco Jones Tequila

The best parties start with Paco Jones! Paco Jones Tequila is born in Mexico, entirely distilled and bottled on the estate where its authentic blue agave is harvested. Over the years that the agave grows and matures, it magically breathes in and captures the spirit and fun that have made Mexico legendary.

The point of a party is friends and fun. If you can’t have your party in Mexico, have the next best thing! Paco Jones will bring that Mexican party to you! Learn More about Paco Jones Tequila.

Image of Paco Jones Tequila on a table next to a savory margarita.

Only the Best

The Best of Mexico

In each of our tequilas you’ll unlock the mystical flavor of Mexico. From our expertly tended blue agave to our traditional taste, every note is better than the previous. If you can’t be in Mexico with friends, bring Mexico to your friends with our fine tequilas.

Good Food, Good Friends

Enjoy them with friends, at parties, or wherever the celebration calls for an authentically aromatic tequila.

Mixed Or On Their Own

All of our brands can be enjoyed on their own or in your favorite mixed drinks. Your margaritas will be top shelf with our fine blends.

Share The Tradition

Our blends will remind you of the authentic Mexico. From its cobble-lined streets to the mariachis marking the moment, let us take you back to that beautiful memory.

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